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Advanced Vehicle Technology

The Vehicle Technology Track consists of a series of forums lead by the top industry minds. Learn about where vehicle technology will end up in the future and what the current landscape is today.

Monday, November 4th

As manufacturers in the Automotive Industry make key decisions about how to become leaner and more competitive, they are implementing Additive Manufacturing as the technology to transform their future. The integration of additive processes into day-to-day workflow, from initial design through manufacturing processes, have changed the way that an entire industry works. These companies aren’t just the OEM’s – suppliers and manufacturers of all types and sizes are utilizing 3D printing to advance their productivity in every aspect of their business. In this presentation, attendees will learn how 3D printing is driving innovation, improving efficiency with quick design iterations, and integration of low cost, quickly built manufacturing tools on the shop floor. Increasing the productivity of workers as well as their safety is another aspect of how additive manufacturing has a positive impact. We will talk about how advancement in materials are affecting the widening use of 3D printing throughout different departments, and having an effect on the bottom line of business. 3D printing is keeping companies in the game by minimizing the time to get to market more rapidly, at a lower cost and with less mistakes – all important to have when design cycles are shortening and where more frequent product introductions are necessary in a highly competitive industry. We will share stories of these companies, including SEMA manufacturing members, with you. Join us as we explore what is happening today, and how the future will be affected, as additive manufacturing expands in your industry.

Tuesday, November 5th

Racing technologies and performance products are critical to the continued relevance and innovation within the SEMA community for both traditional members as well as next-generation performance businesses, enthusiasts and fans. Racing and high-performance cars are central to the future of vehicle electrification and bringing advanced motorsports technologies to the street. SEMA manufacturers need to pay attention to the latest racertainment trends that balance racing and entertainment, as well as performance developments in electric powertrains and drive-by wire systems. Members attending this forum will hear directly from a full grid of frontline leaders, experts and drivers on the latest technologies and innovations being used in racing and adapted to production, as well as the direction, relevance and importance of motorsports and technology to the future of the performance industry.

Wednesday, November 6th

Advanced vehicle technologies are changing how cars are designed, developed, serviced and customized. SEMA manufacturers, distributors and installers are facing increasing challenges today and in the coming years as vehicles become more complex due to assisted, connected and automated driving technologies, as well as demographic, regulatory, social and environmental pressures. Horsepower and hardware are being matched with computing power, sensors and software. New market segments are being created in ADAS, safety performance, vehicle emissions, electronics, connected, and automated driving. This panel session will focus on the practices, challenges, policies and product liability considerations you need to know to grow and prosper in the evolving performance aftermarket.

Advanced vehicle technologies are changing how cars are designed, developed, manufactured, customized, sold, serviced and owned. We are witnessing one of the most fundamental shifts in the history of the automotive industry. New vehicle technologies from ADAS to autonomy, as well as additive and 3D printing manufacturing processes, combined with demographic, regulatory, social and environmental pressures are driving the shift to Automotive 4.0 Cars and trucks will grow smarter and cooler with connected vehicle systems, high-efficiency engines, vehicle electrification, increased personalization and safety performance. This Forum will bring together leading technology experts to discuss how SEMA Members can compete in today’s rapidly evolving market segments as well as understand and leverage new aftermarket growth opportunities and the latest product development, generative design and manufacturing technologies. Welcome to the future of performance. Welcome to Automotive 4.0

Thursday, November 7th

Join a discussion on the direction of autonomous vehicles and possible security threats as found by students at CSUSB and security researchers. Topics include the existing attacks of both the internal components (Infotainment systems, OBD-II port, etc.) and external components (TPMS, V2X, etc.). Some of these attacks include simple extraction of user data from rentals and malware that can intercept communications from the vehicle. Additionally, one of the major factors in the adoption of fully autonomous vehicles is the placement of liability should the vehicle cause an accident. For insurance purposes, we discuss questions that have to potential to drastically change transportation in the near future:
• In the event of an accident, would the person behind the wheel be liable or the manufacturer of the vehicle?
• If manufacturers are liable, will Vehicles-as-a-Service replace the sale, rent and/or lease of vehicles?
• If the consumer is liable, will laws and regulations limit the amount of modifications and “do it yourself”
maintenance and owner can do?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are active and passive safety performance technologies developed to automate vehicle systems for safer driving. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) was one of the first ADAS technologies deployed and regulated in global vehicle markets. Leading SEMA companies customize with confidence and ensure compliance by knowing how ADAS and the latest safety performance technologies are impacting their products, installations and businesses. Many ADAS systems are already onboard the most popular vehicles being modified by SEMA Members. If you want to ensure your aftermarket products and modifications can be successfully integrated with the latest factory-installed ADAS technologies as well as comply with functional, system and federal motor vehicle safety regulations, then this Forum is for you. This briefing will discuss the new business opportunities for passive aftermarket ADAS products, as well as the challenges SEMA Members are encountering due to ADAS technologies and identify potential resources, practices, tools and approaches required to develop solutions.

Automotive Electroincs

The Automotive Electronics Track will give you an informative and eye-opening perspective into profitability, metal fabrication, and radar/laser detection. This track offers a great blend of technical and business knowledge that every everyone in your company can benefit from.

Tuesday, November 5th

Modern OEM car audio systems are more complex than they’ve ever been. They’re also designed for different goals and under different constraints than aftermarket systems. Since we can’t easily remove them, we have to learn how to improve what’s already there. Andy Wehmeyer of Audiofrog and Todd Ramsey of Ramsey Consulting Group take participants through sensible and proven approaches to determine what’s already included in the factory system and best practices in designing improvements that are predictable and profitable.

Presented by: Andy Wehmeyer, President – Audiofrog Inc. | Todd Ramsey, President – Ramsey Consulting Group, Inc.

Wednesday, November 6th

All new for 2019, expert fabricators Gary Bell of Define Concepts and co-presenter Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions USA return to the SEMA Show to present the next level of metal fabrication tricks with which interior fabricators and automotive electronics technicians can elevate their skill set. Electronics must be mounted and perform throughout the life of the build. What hides behind the panels and separates professional builds from hobby builds has everything to do with the structure, planning and service-friendly design. What people see can also be enhanced with creative metalworking techniques that set a specialist apart from other builders and add personalization for the client. Live demos throughout the presentation.

Participants will learn:

  • Aluminum fabrication including how to machine, polish and finish without automation
  • Aluminum accent trim rings for visible components, such as custom gauges, in-dash electronics and more
  • Steel fabrication for safe electronics equipment mounting and service-friendly design
  • Attaching mounts to body panels – what is and isn’t recommended?
  • Panel fabrication with magnets including applications of different substrates (Acrylic, ABS, Aluminum)

  • Presented by: Gary Bell, President of Define Concepts, LLC | Bryan Schmitt, President of Mobile Solutions USA

    Thursday, November 7th

    Learn from the masters of modern-style, upscale hot rod and resto-mod interior fabrication. Attendees will learn how to efficiently conceptualize, plan and execute enhancements for classic vehicles outfitted in the modern era. Add style and technology to builds where clientele pays for expertise. Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions USA and co-presenter Gary Bell of Define Concepts lead attendees through an incredible series of interior fabrication techniques and tips to enhance any fabricator’s palate of skills and ultimately diversify your clientele. It’s a must see presentation for anyone involved in interiors and electronics integration for classic vehicles.

    Participants will learn:

  • How to conceptualize a design and convert to something you can build
  • How to use router work for greater precision and efficiency
  • How to seam different upholstery materials together (vinyl, suede & carpet)
  • New vinyl embossing techniques to personalize hot rod interior design
  • New diamond pattern panel technique to emulate upscale vehicle interiors
  • Technical vinyl wrapping examples with time-saving tools and preparation
  • Where to find premium OEM-grade leather, vinyl, fabric, glue and supplies

  • Presented by: Gary Bell, President of Define Concepts, LLC | Bryan Schmitt, President of Mobile Solutions USA

    Brew Talks

    Buy a beer, pull up a seat, and join us for an entertaining conversation with personalities from automotive, music, and the business world. Learn what makes these successful people tick and what fuels their passion. Cash Bar.

    Tuesday, November 5th

    Buy a beer, pull up a seat, and join SEMA for an entertaining conversation with personalities from automotive, music, and the business world. Learn what makes these successful people tick and what fuels their passion. Cash Bar.


    Wednesday, November 6th

    Buy a beer, pull up a seat, and join SEMA for an entertaining conversation with personalities from automotive, music, and the business world. Learn what makes these successful people tick and what fuels their passion. Cash Bar.

    FEATURING SEMA Hall of Famers:


    The Builders Track highlights the top minds in the industry through engaging panel discussions. Powered by our ARMO & HRIA councils, these are must attend sessions.

    Tuesday, November 5th

    We’ve been hearing about self-driving vehicles for years, but they’re not on streets yet, except as tests that sometimes go horribly wrong. Electric cars are here already but haven’t exactly achieved critical mass or a price point that works. And everything is connected now, so of course cars will be. What, then, is the car of the future, exactly? What sells it? And more importantly, who builds it? How will the industry change in the decade to come?

    Wednesday, November 6th

    Join a panel of industry artists, builders and designers for a real-world conversation that highlights the creative and functional aspects of vehicle builds.

    Are TV builds a reality? What does it take to be a successful vehicle builder? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you grow your reputation as a top-tier builder? What are the pitfalls? Who do you partner with? Get answers to these questions and more from some of the industries most respected builders.

    Thursday, November 7th

    Are TV builds a reality? What does it take to be a successful vehicle builder? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you grow your reputation as a top-tier builder? What are the pitfalls? Who do you partner with? Get answers to these questions and more from some of the industries most respected builders.

    Powered by:


    Business Management

    The Business Management Track will help you take your business to the next level. Learn key ways to capitalize on innovation, important tax regulations and so much more.

    Monday, November 4th

    Are you struggling with how to create the best pricing policy to fit your companies needs? Todays manufacturers are faced with a new set of challenges when it comes to creating and executing a pricing policy that protects your brand, warehouse distributors and resellers. Learn how to create the best policy for your companies needs and how to avoid the pitfalls and major mistakes that can be made. Through this insightful and interactive seminar learn the 5 foundational tips on creating a pricing policy that is simple, easy and works. This is an interactive seminar that engages you with a panel of manufacturers, warehouse distributors, and resellers. Host and pricing policy attorney Gene Zelek breaks down what works and what doesn’t with a panel of seasoned industry experts. Stop thinking about a pricing policy and take the first steps to discovering how easy it is to make one work for your company! Space is limited sign up today!

    Presented by: Eugene Zelek, Jr. | Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

    Product Data Done Right! This session will help Manufacturers provide the product data their customers need to sell more parts! We all know how important product data is in today’s electronic world, so come hear from the experts on best practices and creative top tips for managing your data, and giving your customers the information they need to close the sale!

    Tuesday, November 5th

    Are you frustrated as a Reseller on how to not end up on a Manufacturers Do Not Sell (DNS) List? Join us for a one hour interactive seminar the combines a panel discussion with the industries seasoned Manufacturers, Warehouse Distributors and Resellers as they discuss with host, pricing policy attorney, Gene Zelek on staying off a DNS List and the top 5 tips on navigating manufacturers pricing policies. Learn the differences of MAP, MRP and other pricing policies. Space is limited sign up today!

    Presented by: Eugene Zelek, Jr. | Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

    Poker isn't a game of chance, but rather is a game of skill. It's a game that deals you a hand where you must find the best way to make it a winner. Sometimes you're going to have the better cards and sometimes you're not, but that shouldn't dictate your ability to succeed. After all, every hand of poker is a negotiation - just like business.
    Former boxing champion and poker player Christina Kwan will take you through an insightful journey of moves at the poker table that can effectively be applied in business. Whether you play cards or not, Christina's take on the lessons learned and how they help give you the mental edge might even get you inspired to take your seat at the table.
    Sharpen your skills and gain the mental edge to take your career and business to the next level.

    Presented by: Christina Kwan, Owner l Kwan International Marketing & Media

    Wednesday, November 6th

    It doesn’t matter whether you plan to sell your business next year or ten years from now. The more important question is what is your business really worth today and how can you increase its value every year?

    You should be thinking this way all the time. You should be building value all the time. Because one day you might want to sell your company. Or a potential buyer may appear who makes an offer. And you want to be ready. You want your business to be as valuable as possible.

    Gene’s presentation will help you focus on what you need to do to build value in your company and to position it to be sold…next year, or ten years from now.

    Gene explains why so many business owners will be selling their businesses over the next few years and how you can capitalize on that trend. He’ll take you through the reasons why business owners sell and what smart buyers are looking for. He’ll give you the essential tools you’ll need to know how to value your business like a professional appraiser. And you may not like what he tells you! But most importantly you’ll walk away with critical, real-life tactics for operating your company at its highest level. Because maybe you do want to sell it someday. Or maybe you don’t. In either case, don’t you still want to be as profitable as possible?

    Presented by: Gene Marks, CPA | President & CEO of The Marks Group P.C.

    In this panel discussion you will get to hear from and interact with industry professionals who have started and grown a business from absolutely nothing. Perfect for any stage business owner or budding entrepreneurs. Are you curious how venture capital works? Are you currently struggling through growing pains? Whatever it may be, this is your chance to gain intimate knowledge of how to succeed in creating a sustainable business within the automotive aftermarket.

    Moderated by the 2016 Gen III Innovator with a stacked panel of industry heavyweights including Jesse James, Brian Scotto, Andrew Johnson and Jon Pulli.

    Thursday, November 7th

    The reputation economy is alive and well in 2019. Aftermarket automotive brands big and small, from manufacturers, retailers and service providers are all impacted by online reviews. As a result, companies must be proactive and disciplined about managing online reviews to maximize the positive impact on brand perception and ultimately, sales. Brands can increase customer advocacy by up to 25 percent by replying to a review or decrease advocacy by up to 50 percent by not replying. While the motivation to monitor and manage online reviews is clear, many automotive brands still struggle to develop an effective online review management program. This session outlines best practices in terms of generating positive reviews and responding to negative reviews, including tools, processes and resources.

    Presented by: Kent Lewis, President & Founder | Anvil Media, Inc

    Collision Repair Education

    We are proud to be partnering with SCRS & I-CAR to supply cutting-edge collision repair education.

    Click an option below to browse their paid seminar offerings.

    Click Here to Explore SCRS Seminars

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    Emerging Markets

    Join us for the Emerging Markets track to explore new ways to expand your business.

    Wednesday, November 6th

    Global Power Sports market which is segmented based on vehicle types presents a healthy growth opportunity for small business. The lucrative vertical of the overall automotive and transportation sphere, has been gaining renewed acclaim lately. Learn from business experts as they share their personal perspective on the market and opportunity.

    Presented by: Greg Boeder, Power products Marketing | Jordan Darling, Vice President, Nikola Powersports | Lindsay Hunt, Vice President of Sales and Administration, SuperATV | Eric Anderson, ROXOR Media Relations and VP, Dealernews Magazine | Doug Kershaw Vice President, BKT USA

    Thursday, November 7th

    Selling to the leading e-commerce platforms or selling through their marketplace channels is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for the automotive parts and accessories industry. Join our panel of e-commerce experts as they list the technical and business ingredients for success in this competitive and potentially lucrative sales channel.

    Success in selling to - or through - Amazon, eBay Motors, Walmart or Google express requires excellent product data with updated images and attributes; synchronized and current inventory availability and the highest possible service levels that avoid penalties and maximize profits. Hear what else goes into this recipe and earns you a taste of the billions that are on the table.


    The International Track will give you the tools you need to expand your business. We'll show you how to tab into new business by going global.

    Monday, November 4th

    Meet with buyers from throughout the region who can let you know what their customers want! Learn how to cash in on this lucrative region with passionate consumers with disposable income. The United Arab Emirates and surrounding countries provide some of the best opportunities for U.S. specialty-parts manufacturers. Off-roading, classic-car collecting and motorsports are all strong markets throughout the region. Attendees will also learn about the details of the 2020 SEMA Middle East.

    Meet for lunch and conversation with top buyers from Down Under. Learn the latest trends from distributors of off-road, styling, restoration and performance products and the opportunities in this country of pickup (utes) and SUV customizing fanatics, V8 lovers and diehard hot-rod enthusiasts. Learn the challenges (such as the late arrival of the JL Wrangler and the 2019 Mustang and – not to mention – it’s a right hand drive market. Find out how US manufacturers and their Australian partners have overcome these hurdles and are getting product to their Australian and New Zealand customers.

    Due to popular demand this session is back for a second year! Trade buyers and the media from Central and South America will discuss their respective markets and the opportunity in this pickup truck and car crazy region. Learn what’s hot – and what’s not. Get insider tips into which vehicles are local customizers’ rides of choice, and the top selling products. Learn more about the opportunities and challenges US manufacturers seeking to sell into Latin America –everything from language issues, tariffs, and small fragmented markets and how US companies have overcome these challenges.

    Monday, November 4th

    Witness the premier SEMA business competition that launches new automotive products and services. Now in its sixth year, this business competition offers top innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs under the age of 40 an industry platform to showcase their business for marketing a new automotive product or service. The ten finalists take center stage to prove to the judges that their product is the best. This is a MUST ATTEND for any automotive entrepreneur.

    Media Communications

    The Media Communications track is your go-to for best practices and upcoming trends in the media world.

    Tuesday, November 5th

    Get practical advice and actionable steps to creating a successful podcast. Hear from industry hosts as they share insights on equipment, production, guests, building an audience and much more.

    Online Marketing

    The Online Marketing Track will help you elevate the online presence of your business. Get advice on your social media strategy, influencer marketing and Google SEO.

    Monday, November 4th

    What does it take to “win” in digital marketing in 2020? Is there “one weird trick” or hack that can lead to success? Unfortunately, no. Digital marketing is won or lost by continuing to evolve with the market and doing a lot of small things well.

    This session will highlight the five biggest pitfalls digital marketers make. This is a fast-paced, high-energy session will be led by the co-founder of (un)Common Logic and a Group Lead from Google who, between them, have over 30 years of digital marketing experience. They will share examples and mini-case studies of the pitfalls and, more importantly, how to avoid them. Session attendees can expect to take home tangible ideas of what they can do today to improve the performance of their digital marketing.

    Presented by: Jim McKinley, Co-founder of (un)Common Logic & Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Baylor University. Chris Moreno, Group Lead at Google

    MotorTrend's VP of Content Monetization, Megan Neal, and Social Media Editorial expert John Roberts will guide the audience through an interactive, educational seminar geared towards sharing tangible takeaways for Automotive aftermarket brands looking to rev-up their social media skills. This insightful presentation will cover best practices and platform-specific tips focused on driving online engagement and customer conversions. By sharing best-in-industry case study data as examples, attendees will see first hand how a successful social campaign can create brand awareness, affinity, and ultimately revenue.

    Presented by: Megan Neal, VP of Content Monetization | MotorTrend Group & John Roberts, Social Media Editor, Hot Rod Network | MotorTrend Group

    Tuesday, November 5th

    A step-by-step strategy to efficiently and effectively post compelling content to your social networks on a daily basis. Stay “top of mind” with your clients and prospects month in and month out without frustrating or annoying them.

    Key Participant Takeaways:

  • Why creating a content calendar is the secret to success
  • Creating a proper mix of images, video and written content
  • How to turn one article or video into a week’s worth of content
  • Best Practices to amplify your content to a broader audience
  • Presented by: Corey Perlman, Digital Marketing Speaker & Consultant

    Looking to gain maximum impact from the leading visual social media channel? Trying to balance building your own base of followers while trying to leverage Instagram Influencers? This session is aimed at helping you fine-tune your efforts on Instagram in 2019. We'll tackle the Instagram algorithm to give you a better understanding of how and why your brand can get in front of Instagram users. We'll also explore the growing additions to Instagram Stories and how Interactive Stickers just might be a secret weapon for boosting your brand on Instagram. Don't miss this chance to learn how to put Instagram to work for your brand.

    Presented by: Jennifer E. Cario, President |SugarSpun Marketing

    Feeling frustrated at dwindling exposure on Facebook? Feeling like the only way to be seen is by begging for likes or paying for ads? There's a better way, but it relies on an understanding of how Facebook decides what users see! We’ll explore the concept of the Facebook News Feed Algorithm and how to ensure your followers are actually seeing and engaging with your content. We’ll also look at distinct types of posting strategies as well as how to creatively leverage Facebook Groups to build community and boost engagement among both existing customers and potential customers. This session is focused on helping business owners and marketers who are trying to gain solid footing on Facebook.

    Presented by: Jennifer E. Cario, President |SugarSpun Marketing

    Wednesday, November 6th

    What are you doing wrong? What are you doing right? What did you forget to do? What's coming next? A panel of digital marketing experts will discuss best practices to optimize and futureproof your digital marketing strategy.

    Presented by: Zan Martin, President/CEO, Martin & Company Advertising | Jeff Lee, VP of Digital Marketing, Martin & Company Advertising | Matt Graves, American Powertrain Director of Marketing | Chad Reynolds, Co-owner | Kelly Hogan, Digital Marketing Manager, Martin & Company Advertising

    Thursday, November 7th

    More details coming soon!

    In this presentation, Catfish will talk about all the mobile-centric SEO developments in 2019 that business owners and Web masters need to be paying attention to, to ensure that they are well positioned to succeed in the new “mobile first” organic search landscape. We will talk about briefly about the implications of mobile first on your SEO strategy, a high-level overview of all aspects of mobile first SEO strategy including site architecture, localization, keyword strategy and technical issues.

    After the overview, Catfish will do a deep dive into the technical considerations of optimizing your site for mobile search with an emphasis on site speed and mobile usability. We will talk about tests like Page Speed Insights, Light House, Pingdom and as well as how to best use those reports to prioritize your opportunities to improve your performance.

    Presented by: Catfish Comstock, Director of SEO | BusinessOnline

    For years we have attempted to reach our customers and prospects on their mobile phones. But that was then, now they are being wooed by other means such as voice interfaces and wearables, smart appliances and OTT devices. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality software and hardware are also changing the they way we reach customers.

    Through insights from exclusive interviews in the new book, The Art of Digital Persuasion, you will learn answers to the question, Now What? You will walk away with actionable insights from Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon and more.

    Presented by: Jeff Hasen, President | Gotta Mobilize

    Sales & Marketing

    The Sales & Marketing track features experts in a variety of fields that will take your marketing to the next level. Learn how to make better decisions, define your strategy, and grow your business.

    Monday, November 4th

    The SEMA Show provides attendees an incredible opportunity to network with the industries best and brightest. The people you meet can have an impact that can change the trajectory of your business and career. In this interactive session, you’ll learn and practice a simple and proven networking technique that will help you quickly build your personal network - Networking on Nitrous. By the end of the session, we guarantee that you’ll not only meet someone new you’ll be fired up about putting this technique into practice with the next person you come into contact with.

    Presented by: Bob Coakley, Chief Inspiration Officer, Upgrade Performance, Inc.

    Presented by: Dan Kahn, President & CEO | Kahn Media, Inc.

    Are you a victim of your own success? You have more customers than you can handle - some you like working with and maybe others not so much? Time for a business tune-up! At the end of this interactive workshop you’ll be able to:

    • Clearly define YOUR ideal customer
    • Begin to eliminate needy and unprofitable customers
    • Lower stress and increase profits

    Presented by: Bob Coakley, Chief Inspiration Officer, Upgrade Performance, Inc.

    Wednesday, November 6th

    According to a Kenshoo study, 56 percent of consumers start product searches on Amazon. That means a minority of consumers are starting product searches on Google. That is a major shift that has been in the works for the past decade. On the seller-side, 63 percent of Amazon Advertisers plan to increase budget next year (a larger percentage increase than Google and Facebook spends). In short, Amazon is the new Google in many respects. If you don’t have a solid Amazon marketing strategy in place, you’re at a disadvantage. As much as it is desirable to drive revenue through your own ecommerce website, Amazon is too large of a channel to ignore. Related article: What do effective Amazon marketing strategies look like?

    Presented by: Kent Lewis, President & Founder, Anvil Media, Inc.

    The auto industry in a state of flux, and car dealers are feeling the pinch. New-vehicle sales are down. Dealer margins are shrinking. Now more than ever dealers need to find new ways to rejuvenate sales and maximize gross profit on every vehicle they sell. Discover untapped opportunities. Listen and learn as an expert panel of restylers and auto dealers share real-world solutions to dramatically drive up sales and create high-margin profit centers in every department, from new and used vehicles to body shops, F&I and fixed operations.

    Presented by: Josh Poulson, Owner, Auto Additions

    Learn effective sales and marketing techniques and how to achieve positive results. Gain practical know-how on developing a successful dealer-direct campaign and what it takes to supercharge your sales career. Build your image as a restyling and accessory pro, become a recognized expert. Discover how to earn a professional designation--the SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Certificate--that recognizes individual achievement, knowledge and expertise, and delivers a marketing advantage, essential to making your business stronger, more competitive and more profitable.

    Moderated by: Ellen McKoy, Owner, EMK Marketing

    Panlists: Dino Perfetti, Sales Manager, Automotive Concepts | Tony Hinton, General Manager, Autoplex Restyling Centers

    Thursday, November 7th

    When restylers understand the challenges that every dealership faces with CSI scores, sales turnover, F&I opportunities, and service conversions they are better equipped at presenting their services to dealership personnel. By changing their approach, restylers can align their message with dealership concerns and provide solutions through vehicle personalization. In the workshop, the speaker will teach what the challenges are, why they are crucial to dealership performance, and how to relay the information to a dealership.

    Presented by: David Stringer, President, Insignia Group

    SEMA X

    The SEMA X track will feature can't miss seminars from leading subject matter experts.

    Monday, November 4th

    Chef Jeff Henderson is an award-winning chef, bestselling author and popular public speaker — and an ex-offender, having served nearly a decade in prison for drugs. Having run kitchens as Executive Chef at the renowned Café Bellagio and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, he has become one of the most inspirational African-American chefs in the country. In this presentation he shares two decades of life lessons that he gained on his redemptive journey from drug dealer to TV celebrity chef to nationally acclaimed speaker. With his 12 inspiring and pragmatic street-smart recipes for success, audiences will discover their hidden business aptitudes, make life-changing decisions, and secure personal and professional success.

    Presented by: Chef Jeff Henderson, award-winning chef, bestselling author and popular public speaker

    Beacon Economics' Founding Partner Dr. Christopher Thornberg will present a comprehensive forecast for the U.S. economy with an emphasis on trends affecting the automotive industry and automotive markets. Attendees will gain insight into the direction the economy will take over both the near and long-term future. Dr. Thornberg will present a thorough analysis of key economic indicators such employment/unemployment, consumer spending, bankruptcies, business activity, personal income, international trade, commercial and residential real estate markets, and GDP growth. The presentation will also include a focus on the leading risks still facing the economy including the ideologically-driven political dysfunction in Washington DC.

    Presented by: Christopher Thornberg, Phd Beacon Economics

    Join DUB Magazine President and Cofounder for a real conversation about life and business. From overcoming enormous and personal obstacles to finding great business success - you will hear the unfiltered perspective from a true entrepreneur that Newsweek called "one of the nation's brightest minds in new business." This seminar will be interactive. NO questions are off limit!

    Presented by: Myles Kovacs, DUB President and Cofounder

    We don’t do business with professions, we do business with people. In this thought-provoking presentation, Corey will challenge your audience: Would you consider yourself to be Authentically Social? Is your digital footprint made up of a mix of engaging content that is worthy of your customers and prospects or is it a sea of curated content with no connection to your identity?

    Corey will share examples of how businesses are creating a real connection with their audience resulting in a loyal and trusted tribe.

    In the past, it was perfectly acceptable to “pay no attention to what's going on behind the curtain,” but today, that’s exactly what your audience wants to see. Leave this presentation with a plan to put culture, community and connection at the core of your digital strategy.

    Key Participant Takeaways:

    • Prioritize the Platforms that make sense for your business
    • Create the Narrative for your Digital Story
    • Determine your Delivery to Develop Real Connection with your Tribe
    • Best Practices to Amplify your Story to the Masses

    Presented by: Corey Perlman, Digital Marketing Speaker & Consultant

    Thurday, November 7th

    Learn with the Legend. When he was a young man racing his own cars, Ed Iskenderian—or as he was later nicknamed, “Camfather”—had trouble buying racing-grind camshafts. He didn’t like to wait for them. So, he said to himself, “I can make those….” And that was the start of Iskenderian Racing Cams, popularly known as “Isky Cams,” one of the largest specialty cam grinders in America. The company developed the first high-density, chilled-iron lifters for Top Fuel dragsters, and was also responsible for the first anti-cam-walk kit for Chevy V8s and the first offset cam keys and bushings for adjusting cam timing. Ed was part of the small group that created SEMA, and was its first president. Additionally, he is a member of Chevrolet’s Legends of Performance.

    Presented by: Ed Iskenderian, Isky Racing Cams

    Women Driven

    The Women Driven Track is powered by the SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN). This collection of sessions is tailored for women in the industry.

    Monday, November 4th

    Calling Female Professionals: The SEMA Businesswoman’s Network (SBN) will again host the Gear-up Girl Networking event at this year’s SEMA Show. Started in 2011, as part of the SEMA Education student program, Gear-up Girl is designed to connect female students with industry leading female professionals. Join us for this dynamic mixer that brings together generations of female professionals.

    Tuesday, November 5th

    In this highly collaborative talk, Julie will share stories, ideas, and research from her book, ONE: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality, with four proven strategies for men and women to succeed together. Leaders that partner together do these things well – they practice empathy, listen, speak up, and integrate work and life. Together, we will unpack these core objectives:

    - Build a plan using proven strategies to engage allies in your diverse and inclusive workplace
    - Collaboratively create and enhance your allyship plan with leaders with unique perspectives and backgrounds
    - Apply tangible tools and techniques to facilitate interactive discussions on allies in your organization You will walk away with tangible tools and strategies to engage allies and be even more of an ally!

    Presented by: Julie Kratz, Pivot Point - Speaker, Trainer, Author

    Tire Education presented by TIA (Tire Industry Association)

    Tuesday, November 5th

    Are you aware that torque alone does not ensure the wheel assembly will stay on the vehicle? Are you and your technicians doing everything in your power to keep these assemblies on the vehicle? It’s no secret that when the wheels come off during operation it can be costly on multiple levels. There are a number of different methods for installing passenger and light truck tire assemblies and surprisingly, a torque wrench does not guarantee anything. The key to success is achieving the proper clamping force and torque is only part of the equation. This session will focus on the step-by-step procedures for securing tire and wheel assemblies to the vehicle while addressing the different tools that are used to deliver the proper torque.

    With the days of “tire busters” fading into the past, commercial tire dealers are looking for more ways to improve the level of service as well as workplace safety. As a result, heavy duty tire changing machines are becoming more popular for a number of different reasons. While they make the job easier and more efficient, the power of a modern truck tire changing machine can cause major damage to tires and rims if the proper procedures are not followed. This session will explore the pros and cons of a heavy truck tire changing machine and provide helpful tips so technicians can ensure that fleets get the full benefit of eliminating the use of hand tools when demounting and mounting truck tires.

    Hop in the DeLorean and join Dave Crawford from The Hybrid Shop on a journey through time. In this 1-hour educational session, we will explore emerging hybrid and electric technology, current trends, and future forecasts...all from the perspective of the independent tire dealer.

    Winning a national award from an industry trade publication is an honor that is always well-deserved. The criteria to be a candidate requires a higher level of excellence, so winning truly represents the best that the tire industry has to offer. We’ve invited the Modern Tire Dealer Tire Dealer of the Year, the Tire Business Humanitarian Award winner, and the Tire Review Top Shop to make brief presentations on what makes them successful and then participate in an informative question and answer session with the audience.

    Wednesday, November 6th

    Maintaining the TPMS on 2008 and later domestic and foreign vehicles has become another profit center for the automotive repair industry. Because of the ever-growing need to increase speed, flexibility, and value when faced with the need to replace the TPMS sensors, aftermarket programmable products are becoming part of the everyday routine. In this session, TIA and industry partners will share their knowledge and experience on TPMS programmable sensors. The goal is to take away the fear associated with the unknowns of sensor programming and replace it with the practical skills needed to be successful.

    Driver expectations for ride disturbances have drastically changed with improvements like air ride suspension and automatic transmissions. When vibrations are present, truck tire service providers need to have solutions. There are a number of different methods for balancing truck tire and wheel assemblies, each with their own benefits. This session will outline the steps that technicians can take during the mounting and inflation process to improve balance in addition to the different methods for external balance. If you want your fleet customers to get the best ride after purchasing new tires or retreads, then don’t miss this chance to learn how you can install balanced assemblies.

    Business owners are faced with a divided Congress. What does this mean for the tire industry? Find out the upcoming and ongoing issues that will positively and negatively impacting your business.

    The review will look specifically at issues such as tire registration, repeal of the estate tax, tariffs, tax credits, and automotive related legislation. TIA will distribute legislative materials, answer questions, and provide an overview of the legislative climate moving forward. TIA members have to stay informed and get involved with issues that will affect their bottom line.

    We will also update the status of other pending issues and legislation including infrastructure proposals aimed at the tire Industry, any potential changes to taxes, LIFO repeal, Marketplace Fairness (internet sales), IRS audits, used tire sales, Chinese tariffs, OSHA inspections, crumb rubber bills, safety inspections, tire bills, healthcare, and more. Bring your questions and be ready to engage in the conversation!

    Today's tire costs are high and tire margins are shrinking. Join ATI's Matt Winslow to discover how to substantially increase profits in your tire and auto repair business and still beat your competition!

    In this exciting session you’ll discover how to connect with millennials to staff your store, make your sales grow, increase your margins, drive cars into your bays, and profits to your bottom line.

    Whether you're a high volume tire dealer or just do auto repair and sell tires to your customers as a convenience, this exciting session will increase your traffic and drive profits to your bottom line!


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